Post construction cleaning services

Post Construction Cleaning

Upon Request

To establish the scope of the cleaning required, in person estimates are preferred.

To schedule an appointment for free estimate please contact us:

Upon Request

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Putting the finishing touches on any commercial construction project means cleaning up dust, dirt, and debris contractors inevitably leave behind. The Bea’s Home Services ecializes in post-construction cleaning, offering affordable rates and pristine finished results—guaranteed. For a number of years, we have worked with businesses, home-builders, and private residents, delivering exceptional construction cleaning solutions and impeccable service. 

When your commercial renovation is complete and your contractors have packed up and cleaned up their tools and working debris, there is still work to be done. Plan ahead by getting in touch with us for a full suite of post-construction cleaning services. Here is just a small sample of how we add value to your project, saving you time and money:

• Cleaning lights
• Removing dust from air diffusers
• Post-renovation interior window cleaning
• Spot cleans for walls, dividers, glass, and other surfaces
• Dust removal from floors via damp mopping
• Bathroom and kitchen damp cleaning for sparkling fixtures
• Vacuuming carpets
• Desk and office cleaning
• Door sanitization