Some Things You Should Know:

1. You will NEVER be held to a contract.

2. Cancellation Policy: We require a 24-hour notice (excluding weekends and holidays as the office is closed). Any failure to comply with our policy will result in a full charge for the scheduled cleaning.

3. Our cleaning services are not available on the following holidays: 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. We will contact you if your scheduled cleanings will fall on one of these days in order to reschedule.

4 In order to assure our regular customers consistent service, you are entitled to 4 non-rescheduled cancellations every year. Otherwise frequent cancellations may result in the loss of your preferred day / cleaner.

5. If you choose not be present at the time of cleaning, our staff will require keys, a garage code, alarm code, or access to your property by some other means. If we cannot gain entry to your property, you will be responsible for the full cleaning charge.

6. All our employees are bound by a non-competition agreement. We spend lot of time, effort, and resources into screening and training our employees and building our clientele. We ask that you do not attempt to directly hire any of our employees for cleaning or other services.