Bea’s Home Services provides complete coronavirus steam clean sanitizing service!!

No smell, no residue, no chemicals. Kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria on contact.
(Commercial clients only)

How we do ?
We use 2 methods at same time
1st indentify critical point and do sanitizing WHY?
*because bacteria, viruses or germs like to stay on places such as hand rests, door knobs,chairs, sofas and related fabrics.
2nd, overall premise sanitization WHY?
*because it spread the sanitizer into very fine volume to cover the entire premise. This call misting or fog method
3rd, let it rest WHY?
*because the bacteria and viruses will be killed after 5 minutes, and we advise to enter the premise after 1 hour
And now… You have a better enviroment to work in!!+ Contact us now for booking!